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Krizna cave

Križna cave (Križna jama) is a 8,273 meter long cave system, which is located under the area of Bloke, Loškim and Cerknica field. The entrance to the cave is located 1.5 km south of a village named Bloška polica. The cave is named after a nearby church of St. Cross (Sv. Križa).  It is known as an open cave with controlled access and as a tourism cave. It is one of the few tourist caves in Slovenia, which don’t contain concrete pathways and strong lighting, which is harmful to the environment.  It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and best preserved caves in Europe / the world.

The cave features a chain of underground lakes with emerald green water. With its biological diversity, the cave is considered to be the fourth largest known ecosystem in the world. The first entry to the cave was documented in 1832, although there were also found wall inscriptions from the 16th century. The water part of the cave was explored by Slovenian speleologists in 1926.

At Calvary (Kalvariji – which is considered to be the most beautiful spot in the cave) the cave splits into two tunnels – Blatni rov (Muddy passage) to the north and Pisani rov (Colorful passage) to the north-east. Passage through Blatni rov is harder due to slippery mud, so cavers usually choose to continue their path through Pisani rov, which leads to Crystal mountain (Kristalne gore), which is the largest place in the cave. The water flow from cave Križna continues it’s way through a deep siphon, which leads to the new Križna cave.