Booking calendar for longer visits

June 2021
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   – Prosto / Free


  – Zasedeno / Busy

If the longer tour is already booked for your day, you
can visit a short tour with boat ride on I. lake (1-1,15h).
You can find the tour schedule by clicking on this link:

It is also possible to book a 1,5-2 hour tour.
Reservation is possible through this link:


-Three pairs of warm socks
-Long pants
-Warm jacket with long sleeves
-2 Warm sweaters

Bring only the listed clothing to the tour as wind jackets, and winter jackets are not appropriate. Before the tour you will receive a protective caving suit, which you will wear over your clothes and can’t be comfortably worn over bigger winter jackets. Wear all three pairs of socks – before you put on our rubber boots. You will be warm during moving, but the boat ride might feel a bit cold as both water and air only have 8°C.

You can bring a camera or a recorder.

Other important information:

Cancellation risk:

Visitors:  In the event, that you are unable to attend the tour for any given reason, please inform us at least 3 days prior the scheduled tour, or we will be forced to charge you for incurred costs (equipment preparation, tour guide, empty date, etc.). This does not apply to exceptional cases (illness, accident, etc.) but you should still inform us at least a few hours before the tour.

Important: in the event of extreme drought of floods we have the right to cancel the scheduled tours at least two days beforehand.

Age and weight of visitors: Upon tour reservation we want to know the age and weight of the visitors for the following reasons: most importantly, all visitors must be in good physical and mental condition. The tour involves walking on stairs, some climbing and walking in and out of the tour boat. Combined weight is an important information for the boat part of the tour as the boat may sink if the weight is too large. We discourage the viewing to individuals younger than 10 or 15 years as our many years of experience showed, that younger kids can become tired or cold after longer tours, which makes the tour harder.